Pursuing a high credit card limit is a huge goal for customers, how about building a credit with Fit Mastercard starting at $400? Well, this credit card will make your financial life much easier! If you’re interested, keep reading!


Fit Mastercard

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The Fit Mastercard is a card with the Mastercard brand, this is a very interesting international credit card for those who want to shop around the world away from bureaucracy. Unfortunately, it is not yet part of any rewards program, despite its many benefits.

Main advantages of Fit Mastercard

  • Fit Mastercard Fraud Protection: All fraudulent purchases will be refunded immediately, protecting the buyer from future problems.
  • Protected Identity Theft: Fit Mastercard is keen to protect its customers against identity theft, making them feel even more secure.
  • 24/7 support within Fit Mastercard: Has your card been stolen? Don’t worry, assistance is always ready to help!
  • Credit protection program: If you choose to pay the program, you will have the chance of not paying the full amount of credit in case of job loss.

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