A credit card is always useful. Fit Mastercard can make life a lot easier for people who want to be able to buy items using credit in different parts of the world. With it is possible to build the credit limit starting in the range of $400 and reaching unlimited amounts.

Of course, its benefits also count for a lot, as support for people who have lost a job, for example, is not common in all banks or credit cards. 24/7 support is also an excellent benefit.


Fit Mastercard

  •  Initial Credit
  •   Acquire easily
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About Bank of Missouri

The Bank of Missouri is the bank that owns the Fit Mastercard, which received the state charter on November 2, 1891, then serving as the sole bank in Perry County Missouri.

The Bank operates two banks in Perryville and Jackson, one in Scott City, Marble Hill, Columbia, Steele, Caruthersville and four in Cape Girardeau. The full service includes investments and retirement planning. As of 2020, Bank of Missouri has found nearly $2 billion in assets and more than 37 branches in Missouri. It has interesting credit programs in addition to several cards, including Fit Mastercard.

Fit Mastercard is operated by the Continental Finance Company, which has more than 2.6 million credit cards managed by the same company around the world. They specialize in providing credit cards like Fit that help customers build a good credit limit quickly.


Main advantages of the Fit Mastercard card

Fit Mastercard is an excellent credit card option, and has several advantages of course, it has excellent benefits too, such as:

  • Possibility to build good credit in six months of use: Your initial credit will be $400 most of the time, but in just six months you can double it! If the cardholder pays the fees and invoices on time without any delay, the limit can be increased for up to six months. The maximum limit is $2,000 now.
  • Easy to acquire: Yes, it is quite easy to be part of the Fit Mastercard team. The credit card has easy approval and even if you don’t have a credit history you can still have the chance to use it.
  • Fraud coverage and liability: If someone steals from you or you lose your card, you are protected. Fit Mastercard makes a point of covering fraudulent purchases.
  • Cashback: Pay your fitness club membership and receive rewards points, purchase protection and a 1% introductory APR.

How to apply for the Fit Mastercard

If you are interested in the many benefits of Fit Mastercard, as well as its facilities, click on the button below and understand how you can apply for this credit card!