Undoubtedly, Self Visa main differential is in the choice of its limit, which can sometimes be an obstacle for those who have just acquired a card, since there are several cards, whose initial limit does not meet the applicant’s needs. On the other hand, the Self credit card, precisely to avoid this type of situation, allows its customers to choose the limit.

In addition, with the initial limit chosen by you, its use can be an excellent opportunity to build a good credit history, if your score is low or even nil, a monthly report is made based on your expenses. On the other hand, if you are not used to paying your bills on time, it can also decrease.


Self Visa

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About Self

In 2015, CEO James Garvey started Self. After an automatic credit card payment error, observed his sunken credit score, looking for various ways to rebuild his credit, it turned out that this problem not only occurred to him, but also to more than 100 million Americans.

The Self card, from the Visa brand, was made exactly for individuals who find themselves in this situation: with a bad score. Self Visa will do everything possible so that your score goes up and you become more financially aware.


Main advantages of the Self Visa card

Now we will present more benefits offered by the Self Visa card, like the best advantages of this card offer to all clients, check it out:

  • Secure payments: Don’t worry, the buyer has protection against theft and fraud
  • Visa brand: One of the biggest and best brands in the world.
  • International card: Traveling has never been so easy, show the world the power of your credit.

How to apply for the Self Visa

Now that you know more about the Self Visa benefits, finally see how to apply for it!