Given that you have learned about its main benefits and more about the company responsible for the Self Visa card, this is the time for you to check out how to request for it.

Therefore, now we will present a little more benefits offered by the Self Visa card, which you need to know before making your application!

More benefits of the Self Visa

  • Build your own credit score: Using your card responsibly, an analysis is sent to the three main credit bureaus, which represent about 75% of the score. The analysis is based on the amounts you owe and your payment history.
  • ID Browser Identity Theft Protections: You can sign up for Norton LikeLock and purchase credit monitoring and assistance if your identity has been compromised.
  • Cardholder inquiry service: Having questions about your account? Don’t worry! You can count on a Visa representative at any time to answer your questions.
  • Lost or stolen card assistance: Visa works with your issuing bank as necessary for an urgent issue or disbursement of your money in the event of loss or theft.


Visa Brand Benefits

Visa has been in business since 1958, the same year that Bank of America launched its first credit card program targeting American consumers. His business began to expand abroad in 1974, shortly after the introduction of the debit card. 15 years ago, regional companies around the world merged to form what is now Visa Inc.

Visa continues with the ambition of being the best means of payment, not only in the United States, where it emerged, but also in the rest of the countries of the world. Its benefits range from travel assistance, protection of purchased products and even access to exclusive discounts, which you can better check on their website.

Why choose Self Visa

Certainly, in the same way as we mentioned before, the main positive point of the Self Visa card is its possibility of increasing your score. There is still a large portion of Americans who do not have a good credit history, which is of enormous importance if you are looking for financing, for example, or want to seek a card with “exclusive” benefits.

Mandatory documents and requirements to join Self Visa

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Reside in American territory.
  • Have a recent bank statement.

It is worth mentioning that when making your request, it is completely mandatory to present personal documentation.

Apply for the Self Visa card now!

Therefore, if you want to purchase a Self Visa card, we suggest that you use it for certain situations to have a better experience. As in credit repair cases, it analyzes the way you use the card. In addition, this card is recommended if your financial education is positive, that is, you pay your bills on time and are financially aware, so that you are away from having to deal with interest and late payment fees.

If you meet any of these conditions, this is the time for you to click the button below and be directed to our request page. Don’t miss the chance to apply for your Self Visa!


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