If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re interested in Milestone Mastercard. Then know this card has a lot benefits like guarantees access to credit more easily, as it sends a monthly report on its transactions at the country’s rates, which is a great benefit to those looking to improve their credit history.

Therefore, it is evident that the Milestone is not only a great shopping partner, but also a great facilitator in its user’s life. For example, if you want to travel out of the country, you would normally have to worry and search for different services in advance, which makes this process more complicated.

However, with Milestone, you can easily access key details of your trip, as well as access exclusive places depending on your card category.


Milestone Mastercard

  •  Protection
  •   Overlimit
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About The Bank of Missouri

The Bank was started in 1898 by a group of neighbors from Perryville, they concluded that there was a need to have a local bank that prioritized local needs. Meeting the needs of people in everyday life to help them achieve their financial goals, the Missouri bank gradually grew, which was formerly named The Bank of Perryville.

Having as main idea, since its inception, to meet individuals and their needs with regard to the financial universe, The Bank of Missouri together with MasterCard, brought the Milestone card, with a limit of US$ 300, perfect option for those who want an exclusive card for everyday purchases.


Main advantages of the Milestone Mastercard

Now that you know more about this card, it is evident that it has a lot of benefits, which will be covered in more depth in the following topics:

  • Annual fee: The annual fee for this card is quite low, $35-$99 annual fee is next to nothing in today’s market.
  • Building credit history: With this card it’s even easier to build your credit history!
  • Quick Cash Access: Running out of cash? Grab your Milestone Mastercard and put it to use!
  • Online membership: Joining has never been so easy, make your membership 100% online simply!

How to apply for the Milestone Mastercard

If you are interested in the Milestone card, issued by the Missouri bank, this is your chance to join it and know its main information, on the next page, you will learn how to apply for and start your purchases with the card. So, click the button below to access more: