Certainly, after reading the main benefits and advantages of being a Milestone Mastercard user, the main question is: How to request for it?

We will answer this question below, as well as provide you with more information about your issuing bank and the documents required for you to apply for your card right now.

More benefits of the Milestone MasterCard

So far, you have learned more about Milestone Mastercard, from the institution that offers it to the brand responsible for its purchase benefits.

  • Security: Your data will be fully protected by the technology used by The Bank of Missouri.
  • Fees: For the first year, its users pay a cheaper rate ranging from $35 to $75.
  • No security deposit required: There are some institutions that ask for a specific amount to be deposited to confirm security, which is not the case with the Milestone card.
  • Travel Insurance: By becoming a Milestone card user, the Mastercard brand, will give you access to a very broad insurance when traveling outside the country, which covers everything from accommodation to assistance in case of emergencies.


MasterCard Brand Benefits

These days, Mastercard is one of the top leaders in the field of payments. Offering credit and debit cards, Mastercard is the card brand responsible for the Missouri bank. In addition, the company has invested heavily in payment security solutions, along with chip technology and Mastercard ID Theft Protection.

The brand has a great benefits program, which can be very useful to those who travel with insurance that will protect them from any unforeseen event, in addition to the MasterCard being accepted by most countries around the world. That is, you can make purchases in other countries using your card.

Why choose Milestone Mastercard

By using the Milestone card, you will have access to a great opportunity to build and access credit. Those with a challenging credit history, as it is important for them to develop a solid financial foundation. In addition, this card is completely safe, and you will have protection from all types of possible fraud.

This card serves a very wide audience, as it does not give much importance to credit history, which allows those individuals with bad credit to improve it or even if you have just started your financial life and want to build credit. Therefore, it is a great alternative for those looking for a credit card.

Mandatory documents and requirements to join Milestone Mastercard

Like other credit cards, the Milestone credit card has minimum requirements that determine the user profile for each type of card. In addition, there is mandatory documentation at the time of application:

  • Need to have a valid Social Security number.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Valid physical address.
  • Have a US IP address.
  • Not having a previous Milestone account with delinquency-related charges.
  • The necessary documents refer to identification and proof of income.

Apply for the Milestone Mastercard card now!

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