Therefore, it is undoubted that the Mastercard Reflex credit card has excellent benefits, which not only help you when making your purchases, but also make controlling finances more practical, so that they can be made at any time.

For example, suppose you would like to pay for a bill of exchange for a purchase you have made. Generally, you would have to go to a bank for the payment to be made, with mobile banking all this can be done directly from your home, without the time being spent on commuting.


Reflex Platinum

  •  No fee
  •   High initial credit
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About the Continental Finance Company

Seen as one of the main merchants and providers of credit cards on the American continent to consumers with lower credit. With 17 years in the market, CFC takes great corporate responsibility to its customers, with a strong customer support program, Continental Finance Company brings fair treatment and responsible lending.

In this sense, Continental Finance issued the Reflex card, which can be accessed via mobile banking, in addition to supporting its customers so that they can increase their score, with their monthly report. In addition, the card has a series of benefits offered by its MasterCard brand.


Main advantages of the Reflex

It is evident that the Reflex card is a very useful type of card, in which it offers several interesting benefits, which we highlight below:

  • No deposits required: You can use it without having to deposit money.
  • An initial credit limit of up to $1,000: No more low limits, you need to be able to spend!
  • No fees for account opening or credit limit increases: Many cards forget to offer this excellent benefit!
  • No monthly fee for the first year: In your first year, there is no need to pay for monthly card maintenance.
  • The ability to make foreign transactions: Travel and do your shopping the same way!

How to apply for the Reflex

Now that you know more about the Reflex credit card, below we will show you how to apply for the card. To do this, click on the button below: