Now that you know the many benefits of the FIT Mastercard credit card, you are certainly interested in using it, it’s time to see how to request for it.

More benefits of the Fit Mastercard card

The benefits are not over yet, Fit Mastercard can be very useful in your financial life! Here are some more benefits around it:

  • You do not need to make security deposits: The card does not require such deposits to be acquired using a credit building modality.
  • Credit report for all three agencies: Ask for your credit report whenever you want.
  • Total control: this card has an exclusive app where you can control all your expenses and limits in real time.
  • Easy to apply: It is very quick and easy to apply for Fit Mastercard – just click the down button.


Mastercard Brand Benefits

The benefits don’t stop at the credit card. The Mastercard card brand also offers many facilities such as:

  • Discount on Airport Concierge Services: With Mastercard you will have a discount of up to 15% at airports.
  • International card: Easy and fast foreign transactions!

Why choose Fit Mastercard

If you want to build credit quickly, Fit Mastercard is the ideal option, this is because it is easy to use and is available to people even without credit history. In addition, there are several benefits and discounts available. If you want to have this card, see which documents you must present:

Mandatory documents and requirements to join Fit Mastercard

  • Provide your full name.
  • Present your social security number.
  • ID with date of birth.
  • Proof of address with postal code.
  • SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Be over 18 and have a bank account.

How to request FIT Mastercard now

Did you like all the benefits? Apply for Fit Mastercard now and finally have access to the best credit service. Click the button below and apply!


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