Finally, now that you know more about the card-issuing bank and its main benefits, now is the time for you to know how to request the First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard.

More benefits of the First Progress Platinum

So now we’ve highlighted the anothers benefits of First Progress Platinum, which are critical for you to know before ordering yours.

  • MasterCard brand: Concierge services, medical assistance, access to VIP lounges and much more that the MasterCard brand can offer.
  • Your line of credit is equal to the amount you: That is, the amount deposited will be equivalent to the credit line.
  • You can get approved quickly: Because the bank history is not analyzed, the approval process tends to be faster.


Mastercard Brand Benefits

Mastercard brand is already a great benefit. The company has partnerships with more than 20,000 financial institutions, which include fintechs and banks.

Firstly, a very useful benefit is Masterpass, this digital payment service, will make your payments more practical and faster. Mastercard also has several services to protect your products and even for your international travel.

Why choose First Progress Platinum

The First Progress Platinum Mastercard Secured is a complete card, with a security deposit instead of a credit score. His idea is to advance the accumulation of new credit information, which is provided to the three main credit protection companies. In addition, the card is fully secure and is supported by the Mastercard system.

Mandatory documents and requirements to join First Progress Platinum

  • Bank statement.
  • Reside in the United States.
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Present government-issued ID.
  • Check income.

Apply for the First Progress Platinum

So, if you still want to apply for the First Progress Platinum card, click the button below to go to your application page


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