Yes, the benefits are many. But how to get them is something you will learn now. After discovering all that the Citi Double Cash Card has to offer, do you want to know how to request for it?

Read on and learn how to do it as easily and quickly as possible, understanding what documents are needed and what other benefits are on your list.

More benefits of the Citi Double Cash Card

The benefits of the Citi Double Cash Card are not over, understand better how some of them work and learn about new benefits that may make you interested in this credit card provided by Citibank:

  • Simplicity: The card is easy to understand, without a lot of bureaucracy. Bonuses have no hidden conditions and are easy to use. There is no deception and especially hidden terms.
  • Diverse promotions: promotions and bonuses are really the keyword for this card, as it has a huge diversity of benefits.
  • Flexibility: If you think the card only gives cashback you are wrong. This type of credit is so flexible that the points earned can be converted into miles or travel benefits, which makes it even more interesting compared to other cards.


Mastercard Brand Benefits

Mastercard offers several benefits just like the card itself. The Citi Double Cash Card has this brand on its card and therefore enjoys

  • International card with only 3% fee on purchases and transactions.
  • Points system that can be used for cash and credit or miles.

Why choose Citi Double Cash Card

If your main goal as a consumer is to join a card that offers high rewards on all purchases and payments, the Citi Double Cash Card is ideal, as its rewards tend to be quite interesting when compared to those offered by other cards. credit.

Mandatory documents and requirements to join Citi Double Cash Card

Like most credit cards, in addition to being only intended for people over 18, the Citi Double Cash Card has some terms and conditions / documents that must be presented during application:

  • Submit Social Security number
  • Proof of residence for at least 6 months.
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Have a good credit score to get approved (good credit history).
  • The issuer will consider your income, debts and more, so good credit is not enough, apply if you can afford the expenses made on the card.

Apply for the Citi Double Cash Card now!

What do you think of all the benefits the Citi Double Cash Card offers? Be sure to apply for this credit card full of benefits and rewards, click the button below if you are interested in making your application.


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