Now you know the Citi Custom Cash has great relevance in the current market, in addition to offering a card with incredible benefits, which guarantee security and a better shopping experience for its customers. In this page you will learn how to request this credit card for enjoy all the advantages provided by Citi Custom Cash.

More benefits of the Citi Custom Cash

Therefore, among many credit cards that have bonus reward programs for fixed categories such as dinners, travel and groceries, Citi Custom Cash is the best possible alternative. See anothers benefits of your card in detail below, check it out:

  • A free check of your FICO credit score: You can consult your score for free. Emphasizing that the score has a fundamental role to have your card approved.
  • Identity theft protection that monitors and alerts cardholders in case of suspicious activity: To prevent identity theft, all card activity is monitored.
  • 5% in CashBack: Certainly, the most mentioned point in this article, when you make your purchases using the card, you get 5% back.


Mastercard Brand Benefits

Mastercard is an American company with more than 50 years in ​​products and services in the financial area, internationally recognized. Currently, it is found in more than 210 countries, being accepted in more than 35 million establishments, being a great leader in the market of payment solutions in the world and offering debit, credit, and corporate cards. In addition, it is well known for sponsoring events such as the Champions League.

Its banner not only gives you the benefit of shopping anywhere in the world, but also offers insurance for your products, personal assistance to customers who travel frequently, and exclusive offers at partner stores.

Why choose Citi Custom Cash

As an annual fee-exempt credit card, the Citi Custom Cash Card is a rewards card, which gives cardholders 5% cashback on their most used spending categories on every billing cycle and all their card purchases. give a 1% money back return.

Plus, you get a $200 welcome bonus, with an introductory APR period for balance transfer and new purchases. As one of the best credit card roundups, Citi Custom’s versatility gives you rewards for spending on that type of purchase you make most often.

Mandatory documents and requirements to join Citi Custom Cash

  • Good credit score
  • Financial documentation
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Reside in the United States

Apply for the Citi Custom Cash card now!

That’s why you can’t miss the chance to apply for your Citi Custom Cash Card, which is great if you use your credit card frequently. In this regard, click the button below to go to the request page!


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