Yes, it is possible to greatly increase the value of the pension, even receiving amounts from several pensions. You may even be entitled to multiple pensions and benefits and not know it, losing easy money every month.

Like you, I didn’t have the knowledge and it cost me a lot of money. I could have earned much more and helped my family.

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Benefits of Pension Plans

    • Guaranteed income: The pension plans provides a guaranteed income for life, which can help you plan for your retirement with more certainty and also give a better life to your family.
    • Inflation protection: Pension plans tend to be corrected and indexed to inflation, protecting your money and assets.
    • Flexibility: You decide when to receive it, it all depends on your needs and moment in life.
    • Portability: You can receive your pension in other provinces and even other countries.
    • Stack up plans: Accumulate plans and guarantee a secure and financially stable life.

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