How much credit limit do you want?

⬤    up to $5.000

⬤    R$5.000 to $15.000

⬤    more than $15.000

The importance of choosing the correct credit limit

There are different types of credit cards and each one has its own benefit packages, limits and advantages.

Choosing a credit limit that is outside your ability to pay can make approval very difficult, which is why we want to help you find the right option for every moment of your life.

1. Traditional Cards (up to 5 thousand limit)

Traditional credit cards are the gateway to the world of cards. With a limit generally of up to R$5,000, these cards already offer access to credit and purchases in installments.

They are ideal for those who are building their credit score or who have more modest financial needs.

2. Platinum Cards (from 5 to 15 thousand limit)

As consumers progress on their financial journey, they may seek out platinum/silver credit cards. This category generally offers wider credit limits, ranging from 5 to 15 thousand reais.

Platinum cards usually come with additional benefits, such as travel insurance, access to VIP lounges at airports and more attractive relationship programs. They are aimed at a higher spending profile and more sophisticated needs.

3. Black Cards (over 15 thousand limit)

Black cards represent the pinnacle of credit card offerings in terms of prestige and benefits. With credit limits generally exceeding R$15,000 (some may not even have a fixed limit) these cards are reserved for customers with high purchasing power.

In addition to higher limits, they offer exclusive perks such as a personal concierge, access to exclusive events, generous cashback programs and luxury travel benefits. They are a natural choice for those seeking a more refined lifestyle and enjoying differentiated services.


In short, each card is aimed at a specific audience. Whether you want to meet basic everyday needs, explore additional benefits or enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, choosing the right credit card depends on your financial profile and individual needs.

That’s why it’s necessary for you to know your profile and thus be able to understand which card best meets your needs.