A good credit card rate or any other loan can be costly. After all, not all broadcasters accept credit without having to check your score or credit score. A credit card issuer like Tomo already has advanced technologies that don’t need to check your score, therefore approving for people with less history.

Your financial profile will be analyzed, but through your bank account. The Tomo Credit Card controls the problem of low history very well and analyzes the credit of each person who requests it in an easy and practical way.

That is, if you really want to start building a good limit and be eligible for several other credit cards and loans, starting with Tomo can open new doors and paths.


Tomo Mastercard

  •  No annual fee
  •   Initial Credit
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About TomoCredit

The Tomo Mastercard credit card was initially created by a startup called TomoCredit, which in turn is based in San Francisco USA. This card was created especially for people with no credit history or a score of 629 or less. Thus, helping people to establish a good credit limit without bureaucracy and without having to make security deposits.

Unlike several companies that check your score and score, Tomo avoids making this query and instead performs a more up-to-date and differentiated credit check using your bank account to formalize a financial profile.


Main advantages of the Tomo Mastercard

The Tomo Mastercard credit card has some benefits that can be quite captivating, among them are:

  • No credit history required: This card help you build a credit score and save money.
  • Card with no annual fee and without APR fees: you only pay what you spend.
  • Cashback: 1% on all purchases made on the card enabling greater profits when spending on credit.

How to apply for the Tomo Mastercard

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