If you are looking for a complete, secure card that offers the highest cost-effectiveness in day-to-day purchases and payments, the Investec Visa Platinum card is definitely one of the best choices in South Africa.


Investec Platinum

  •  Private account
  •   Exclusive

This is a card to use whenever you need it, since it has exclusive benefits that facilitate and generate more savings for its holders, both for the advantages offered by the bank and the flag.

So stay with us, know everything this differentiated card has to offer you and how to request yours today, without bureaucracy!

About Investec Bank

The issuer of this card is Banco Investec PLC, an Anglo-South African international banking group that currently serves millions of customers in Europe, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Considered one of the global banks with the largest presence in the financial market, it offers its clients a wide range of affordable and simple-demand banking services and products.

Details of Investec Platinum

  • Annuity: 12x of US$3.50 (after the first year)
  • Flag: Visa Platinum
  • Minimum income: Not required
  • Interest rate: Uninformed
  • Additional cards: Yes


Advantages of the Investec Platinum card

  • Wide acceptance: your card can be used for payments, purchases and withdrawals worldwide, being accepted in millions of establishments in more than 210 countries
  • VIP Room at airports: this card offers 6 free entrances to VIP Lounge Key rooms around the world, with the right to accompany
  • Cash Withdrawals: Make quick and secure withdrawal with your card from any Visa ATMs worldwide
  • Travel insurance: this card offers annual multi-travel insurance from Aspire Insurance Advisers Limited
  • Visa 3D Secure: with this insurance your card is protected from improper transactions during online purchases
  • Emergency assistance: Visa provides a 24-hour service channel, including emergency replacement in case of card loss or theft during travel

Who’s this card for?

This is a card for those looking for special benefits, being an excellent option for those who want more, that is, who are looking for more flexibility in payments, savings and benefits in the day-to-day and during travel.

Basically, in order to be able to apply for this card from Investec Bank you must be a customer of the bank and be over 18 years of age.

Inclusive, it can be requested by individuals and companies. But approval is conditional on the bank’s analysis.

How to apply for the Investec Platinum card

If this card meets the requirements you were looking for, do not waste any more time to request it, as it is definitely a good option to have in your wallet.

The request is very simple and quick, and can be made via the internet, just click the button below, open your account right now at Investec Bank and order your card!