Credit card has become one of the most accepted forms of payment around the world, in which it facilitates and speeds up transactions. And, the Capitec Global One card can be an excellent choice for your wallet, due to the unique benefits it offers.


Capitec Global One

  •  Free insurance
  •   Cashback

This is a complete, modern card that guarantees complete security in your purchases, whether in physical stores or on the Internet. In addition, with it you save a lot, as it offers cashback and free insurance.

So follow us, find out more details and learn how to order yours today, as it only takes a few minutes and you can do everything on the internet!

About Capitec

This card is issued by Banco Capitec, a financial institution with a large presence in South Africa, with more than 17 million active customers.

They are various agencies spread across the country, in addition to offering digital financial products and services, where the customer can settle everything with convenience on the mobile phone, through the app Capitec Bank.

Details of Capitec Global One

  • Annuity: 12x of R50,00 (R600)
  • Flag: Mastercard International
  • Minimum income: From R5.000
  • Interest rate: Between 11.75% and 22.25%
  • Additional card: Yes


Advantages of the Capitec Global One card

  • Double function: this card works in the debit and credit function, so that the customer has more freedom to choose how he wants to pay
  • High limit: one of the best benefits of this card is its credit limit, which can reach up to R500.000
  • Cashback: you can receive up to 3.5% of the value of your purchases back during the year and the balance is still returning to your account
  • Free online purchases: this card allows you to make national and international purchases on websites and apps without paying any transaction fee
  • Free shipping on online shopping: online shopping with this card offer free delivery at your doorstep, without additional costs
  • Wide acceptance: by being issued under the Mastercard flag, you can withdraw money and make payments in more than 210 countries around the world
  • Additional benefits: this card has free travel insurance of up to R5 million, purchases with up to 55 days without interest and credit insurance if you do not already have a

Who’s this card for?

With great cost-effectiveness and super versatile, this credit card is recommended for people looking for more convenience and benefits in their day-to-day shopping.

However, it is worth remembering that in order to be able to apply for it you must be over 18 years of age, be a client of Banco Capitec in South Africa and have to prove the minimum monthly income required.

How to apply for the Capitec Global One card

If you liked the benefits offered and want to apply for your Global One Credit right now, know that it is very simple.

The request for this card can be made in a few moments, just click the button below, download the app, open your bank account and request the card in the credit function!