The African Bank Gold card is considered one of the best credit cards in South Africa, having the great advantage of being simple and quick to apply and to be accepted in domestic and international purchases.


African Bank Visa Gold

  •  Free Swipes
  •   Most protection

With this card you make your money render more, as you can save even on day-to-day purchases. In addition, this is a card with excellent benefits, both from the issuing bank and the Visa flag.

So, for more convenience, security and economy in your payments, stay with us and see how to request your card today, without bureaucracy and in a few minutes!

About African Bank

This card is issued and operated by African Bank Limited, which is considered one of the leading South African banks, having millions of clients.

In addition, this is a reliable and accessible bank for all, having as its differential the offer of financial products and services with low interest rates.

Details of African Bank Gold

  • Annuity: R69,00
  • Flag: Visa Gold
  • Minimum income: R10.000
  • Interest rate: 16.50% per year
  • Additional card: Yes


Advantages of Afrincan Bank Gold Card

  • Easy and quick request: this is a card that can be requested in a few minutes, even via the Internet, without the need to go to a banking agency and without having to send a lot of documents
  • International acceptance: make payments, make purchases and withdraw money in South Africa and 210 more countries around the world, all with convenience and security
  • Custom Limit: The credit limit released on the card is excellent, which varies according to the customer profile, besides, the more you use your card the more your limit can increase
  • Free Withdrawals: this card allows you to withdraw money from electronic cash registers, entitled to two withdraws per month without additional costs
  • Visa benefits: count on exclusives from one of the world’s leading card flags, such as 24-hour assistance for problems with your card, emergency card replacement, price protection insurance, discounts in Visa’s partner stores and more

Who can have this card?

We recommend requesting this card for customers who want more flexibility and security in their routine payments. In addition, it can be ideal for the younger audience, as you can control everything from your card by the app.

It is worth noting that the bank imposes some basic requirements for the application, such as being a customer with an account at African Bank, being over 18 years of age, being a resident of South Africa and having to prove the minimum income required.

Meeting these requirements you can request your card right now, where the approval is subject to credit analysis of the bank.

How to apply for the African Bank Gold Card

If this credit card meets your needs and you meet the minimum requirements, be aware that you can order yours quickly and safely, even online.

To do this, just click the button below, open your digital account at African Bank and apply for the Visa flag credit card at Gold level!